Personal one to one Consultation & Nadi Pariksha

Personal one to one Consultation & Nadi Pariksha Near mira road

Your Path to Personalized Healing
Personal One To One Consultation & Nadi Pariksha Near Mira Road

Individualised treatment and diagnosis based on the “Purusham Veeksha” Ayurvedic sutra.The patient feels more at ease discussing his whole medical history.Ayurvedic explanation of aetiology to induce lifestyle modifications in patients

Tailored Treatment Programmes

A customised treatment plan that takes into account your individual health needs, constitution, and imbalances is provided to you during a one-on-one consultation with Nadi Pariksha. Your ayurvedic doctor will create a personalised, all-encompassing plan just for you.

Comprehensive health evaluation

Using the age-old pulse diagnostic method known as Nadi Pariksha, the Ayurvedic physician can obtain profound understanding of your mental, emotional, and physical health. This thorough evaluation provides exact healing options and aids in locating underlying health issues.

Entire Wellness Assessment

The Ayurvedic physician will do a thorough examination of your daily routine, food habits, medical history, and lifestyle during the in-person consultation. This thorough assessment assists in determining lifestyle changes that improve your general health.

Prioritising Prevention

Early identification of possible health imbalances is made possible through one-on-one consultations and Nadi Pariksha, which enables preventive actions to stop the emergence of more significant health problems. Ayurvedic preventive care encourages longevity and energy.

Full-body, mind-body, and spirit healing

This service targets the underlying cause of health issues by taking into account the interconnection of the mind, body, and spirit, going beyond simply treating the symptoms. The Ayurvedic physician will offer suggestions for reestablishing equilibrium throughout your entire being.

Constant Assistance and Counselling

The Ayurvedic doctor will provide you with ongoing support and direction during your recovery process. They will keep an eye on your development, modify your treatment plan as needed, and respond to any inquiries you might have.

Through the integration of customised consultations with the age-old knowledge of Nadi Pariksha, this service provides a profound approach to holistic treatment, fostering harmony and optimal health in your life.

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