Skin Care 

Skin Care 

Radiant Glow, Naturally Yours: Embrace True Skin Care
Our general health is reflected in our skin. The Ayurvedic concept of “swasthya,” which is health, is being built within. It is when we are well and in balance that our inner beauty comes through. While pigmentation, wrinkles, and dry skin are normal as we age, taking care of our health and skincare is crucial to ageing gracefully.
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Find out your skin type!

Understanding which doshas (energy principles) predominate in your unique Ayurvedic constitution is something that Ayurveda wants you to do. When the Doshas are in balance, Vata promotes effective blood and nutrient circulation to the skin, Pitta helps with skin and hormonal metabolism, and Kapha provides appropriate moisture balance.Identify your constitution with this helpful questionnaire. Remember that your skin type may differ from your constitution if you have an imbalance (for example, a Pitta with a Vata imbalance would have Vata skin). The Vata period of life is accompanied by ageing, and skin type may alter.

Skin type/Combination and Nature of skin

Dry, thin, cool, easily dehydrated. Imbalances include dark circles, chapped skin, premature wrinkles, and greyish pallor. 

Moist, radiant, thick, oily, more tolerant of the sun. Can be clammy or excessively oily with edema, blackheads, and pimples.  

Dry with Oily zones 

Sensitive, photosensitive, looks ruddy, warm, prone to freckles and moles. Can have rashes, acne,  discolorations, and inflammation as imbalances.  

Dry and sensitive 

Oily and Sensitive 

Personalize your regimen!

Vata Skin:

Regular oleation, full-body massages with warm oil, and nourishing, rehydrating routines are beneficial for vata skin types. Apply a mild cleanser and moisturise every day. Avoid dehydration and concentrate on Vata balance.

Pitta Skin:

Gentle washing and moisturising are essential components of a relaxing, cooling, and loving regimen for pita skin. Steer clear of tanning, wearing severe makeup, being in the sun, and being too hot. Make an effort to balance Pitta.

Kapha Skin:

Oily and prone to toxins build-up, kapha skin can be cleansed with a mild exfoliation or treated with a light warm oil massage. Try doing a dry scrub to cleanse your skin and body. Try to achieve a balanced Kapha. For skin that is Vata-Kapha, adhere to Vata principles and cleanse greasy areas more thoroughly.

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